Letter from L. Cline

Easy R puts this much effort, commitment and dedication into every animal in their care on a daily basis and are doing as much for the community as any other animal organization in Lubbock.  Angie also spends her small amount of free time helping dog rescue organizations in our community.  Despite their name of Easy R Equine Rescue, their heart goes out to other animals in need, such as Eeyore, which displays their willingness to help other large animals in need.  To the best of my knowledge, Easy R receives minimal assistance from any sources other than small donations and their personal funds further showing the selflessness of the founders of this organization.

Large animals are especially hard to find homes for because not very many homes are available to provide the financial and space requirements needed to provide for their care making their commitment to these animals even more challenging.  However, Easy R is doing everything in their power to care for the animals they can with the resources available to them in hopes that the right homes come along.  In interim, they give these beautiful creatures the unconditional love that God intended.

As an adopter from Easy R Equine Rescue, I am extremely impressed with their integrity and services they provide to the animals in need and the homes they place these animals in.  Please consider this rescue when deciding on where to make donations.  I have witnessed the remarkable things that are possible through this organization and want to see it continue to others.