Letter from M. Flournoy, Destination Imagination Coach

Our team is from an all-girls college preparatory school. We needed an outreach project for our Destination Imagination team. Honestly, none of us knew anything about horses or horse rescue. Terry and Angie Alspaugh welcomed us to the rescue one unusually warm Saturday in January. Angie spent some time explaining to us why there was a need for a horse rescue and why they had devoted their lives to Easy R Equine Rescue. The girls were eager to go out and meet the horses. As we learned about how to approach a horse, their different personalities, grooming and putting leads on the horses, I started to see each girl favor a particular horse. In the following months, these became “their” horses. The girls were eager to do anything Terry or Angie needed done. They even, very willingly, shoveled “poo”.  Although we were supposed to be helping out at Easy R, I saw the girls learning more from the horses and Terry and Angie. Easy R taught the girls how horses, like people, have different personalities, needs and learning styles. We were also able to help with a Saturday program for children with Type 2 Diabetes. It was a true blessing for us to see the children be able to be “just kids” for a day. Their smiles were contagious all day. This also showed my girls how fortunate they are to be healthy and not live their lives in and out of hospitals with needles, pumps and special diets. Several of the girls continued going to Easy R to see the horses and help out even after their outreach project was completed.  I know their time at the Rescue is something they will never forget.